IBM T23 shuts down on boot up w/ new battery

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I have a IBM T23 ThinkPad (2648-1u6) and I just bought a new battery
for it. It came with a 65% charge which I topped off then ran the
laptop on the battery until it shut off. I got a run time of 3:39
out of it which seems to be right.

2 problems, though -

1) The capacity meter showed 7% remaining when the system shut
down - was that simply the electronics and or software needing to
be calibrated by doing a deep cycle?

2) A more serious problem - after the system shut down, I plugged
in the 72w power supply and powered up the computer. I got 90%
booted up (Win 2000) and then the thing shut off again. Repeated
the effort and it kept happening. I finally guessed that maybe the
battery was pulling down the power supply so I took it out and then
started the system. It booted normally that time and I reinserted
the battery to charge. Now all is well but I haven't "pushed my luck"
by rebooting with the battery in yet. (chicken)

Are these all new battery issues?


Re: IBM T23 shuts down on boot up w/ new battery

Even if the battery has 7% capacity, this may be lower than the
threshold capacity required to power the laptop.  This is normal.
However, a brand new battery does require at leaset three
charge/discharge cycles before normal use.

Check your powersave settings, Standby/Hibernate etc and check the
timing.  Just to make sure.

Also try the following:

" This can happen if the battery is allowed to run down all the way.
corrupts the power manager.  Reset it as follows:

1.  Remove the battery.
2.  Remove the A/C Adapter.
3.  Hold down the power button for 20 seconds.
4.  Repeat step 3 one more time.
5.  Reinstall the battery.
6.  Plug in the A/C Adapter.  "

I spotted this in another post and made a note!!!  Strangely it is the
same laptop as yours.

Hope this helps.

Battery Guru

Re: IBM T23 shuts down on boot up w/ new battery

Thanks for the info! I have 2 other batteries, both need to be
recycled as they are at the end of their service life. Interesting
is the fact that they run normally until they get to about 70%
then they go to 5% suddenly. I also found that while these
batteries take 50 min to get to 70%, after they jump down to
5% they continue to run even at 0%! I get about 40min at 0%
then the laptop shuts down.

Are these batteries salvageable?


Re: IBM T23 shuts down on boot up w/ new battery

Try a deep cycle, it may help.  This would help the cells and also the
internal circuitry which aid the communication between the laptop and
battery.  More often than not the circuitry need to be recalibrated.
These are supposed to be "smart" batteries, but not so smart after all.

If this does not help time to get new ones......

Battery guru

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