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hi all,
    I have a IBM T21 laptop that has been giving me trouble for
sometime and has just been getting worse.

  Earlier, it used to hanged up every now and then... but it would
reboot fine and then run for some more time (couple of hrs if i was
lucky). readjusting the memory card seemed to help reduce the problem
(but this may just be imaginary).

   Now the machine will not even boot up. On pressing the power button,
all the lights at the top flash (as they usually did) but then the
laptop does nothing.... only the light showing that the power (the "Z"
looking light) is left on. It does not even come to the page where it
shows the IBM logo and gives you the option of going into the BIOS.

   I called the IBM service center, and they suggested the laptop needs
a new motherboard (though I am pretty convinced that the tech was
pretty confused by the fact that it did not even reach teh bios page.
Further the fact that the laptop is out of warranttee ensured that he
did not bother to put in much effort... pretty understandable).

   If anyone has suggestions on what needs to be done to fix the
laptop/ where i can get it fixed I would most appreciate it.

   Failing this, are there any savage shops that buy messed to laptops/
what can I savage from this machine.

thnx a lot

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I had a similar problem with my T22 and it required MB replacement. Check on
eBay for either a complete working T21 or a MB. Good luck.

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The other day I thought I had something quite simliar
happening to my T 23. But then I realised that the
fan was on and the laptop actually runnig. Only nothing
appeared on the screen!

With a pen I pressed the little switch that switches off
the screen when you close the lid. I flicked it a couple
of times and then the screen came on.

See if maybe something happens when you press the
caps lock. If it does it may not be as dead as you think.

On 11 Dec 2005 04:41:05 -0800, samjain wrote:

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Re: IBM T21 - help

Another thing you might try doing if you have not done this is run the
laptop without the battery. I have a Thinkpad 390 exhibit the same
symptoms until I removed the battery.

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