IBM SpaceSaver keyboard problem

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I bought this keyboard off of ebay.  It has a spacebar that must
be hit firmly in the center to create a space. Does anyone know
if it is a problem that can be fixed???


Re: IBM SpaceSaver keyboard problem

Almost certainly a mechanical problem that can be fixed if you know how.
  Remove the space bar, examine it, put it back together PROPERLY.
HOWEVER, space bars (and some other keys also) have "equalizer
mechanisms" and disassembling keys with such a mechanism can be quite
tricky, and putting it back together even more so, if you have had no
practice and experience in taking apart keyboards.  This is the kind of
thing that someone who knows what they are doing could probably fix in
2-4 minutes, but someone who doesn't know what they are doing will
likely break the keyboard instead of fixing it.  And there is no way to
teach it over the phone or the internet.

marcy wrote:
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Re: IBM SpaceSaver keyboard problem

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It was an easy take apart but there was no equalizer mechanisms for either
end of the space bar.  Someone must have removed them.  The keyboard
was sold to me over eBay and  they conveniently forgot to tell me it was
They are selling used broken parts for a very high price.  They will get
theirs in
the after life.

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