IBM Lenovo screen small

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I have an IBM Lenovo R32
the picture shows smaller than the physical size of the screen. means
screen is 14.1 inch but the picture showing is only 12 inch...anyone
plz advise me how to set it to full screen???

many thanks

Re: IBM Lenovo screen small

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Increase your screen resolution to the proper 1024x768 (in Windows -
right-click desktop -> properties -> settings tab -> increase the 'Screen
resolution' or 'desktop area' slider to 1024x768).

If you are unable to increase the slider, then it's most likely you don't
have the proper video drivers installed.

Alternatively, if you want the same 'logical' area that you have - e.g. no
more actual working space, but you just want the image stretched to fit the
screen, enable 'LCD Expansion' using the necessary hotkey. This will be Fn
(bottom-left) and one of the F-keys. E.g. Fn-F1 held together, or Fn-F2 / F3
/ F4...

Re: IBM Lenovo screen small

Thank U carl, I increased resolution and problem solved.
Another issue,
in the hardware list, I see three items not installed properly: 1-
MODEM, 2-unknown device., 3-VGA video cpntroller.

how to deal with this issue, I went to IBM/Lenovo website, they have so
many drivers to install, it is so confusing. I emailed them, but these
guys simply do not they use professionals to handle
customers or just like my company where everyone hires his girlfriend
?? or her brother ???

Carl Farrington wrote:
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Re: IBM Lenovo screen small

Goldenshuttle wrote:
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Install and run this:

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