IBM 600 Connecting to Home Receiver - Causing Reciever to Shut Down

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i want to use my ibm 600 with windows ME as a MP3 player.  bought a
monster mini plug (to headphone jack on laptop) to RCA jack (to aux on
my yamaha receiver).  i do get volume through the speakers, but not
much.  when i try to turn the volume up, my receiver clicks, and then
shuts down.  tried lowering the volume on the laptap and raising the
receiver, vs making the laptop volume max and incrementally raising the
receiver.  at about the same volume level, it causes a reciever

any suggestions welcomed PLEASE.



Re: IBM 600 Connecting to Home Receiver - Causing Reciever to Shut Down wrote:
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It is either a grounding problem, or a mismatched impedance between what
the receiver expects from a normal line-out signal vs what it is seeing
from the laptop headphone circuit.   If it is grounding at the laptop,
then you are risking damage to it and the receiver.  If it is mismatched
impedance then you can insert an appropriate transformer or shunt
resistor in the line.  A headphone amplifier with line-out might be a
solution.  The headphone out is not designed as a controlled line-out
source for other equipment.

You can take this question to a local high-end audio shop (some place
selling equipment like receivers in the $2000 + range that have real
technicians).  Google "headphone impedance" as a start.

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