I was asked by my uncle to recommend a good laptop for his wife

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I was asked by my uncle to recommend a good laptop for his wife. She
needed a good laptop for simple processing applications. and wanted to
use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe PageMaker.

she has a digital camera and needs to transfer photos from camera to
laptop easily.

And needed wireless Lan capabilities to be able to access the Internet
from any where in the home without the need for cables.

Thay had heard many rumours about poor after sales from some companies
and did not want the same to happen to them. thay was looking to spend
about 800 to 1000.

Being particularly board one day I decided to do some research to find
a good company to provide a good Laptop.

Being a previous employee of Staples I knew a fair bit about pc and
Laptops and the kind of things people ask. and the things that can go

So as I have actually never owned a Laptop myself. I have used Laptops
while working at Staples and sold many Laptops to customers. And solve
customer problems with there Laptops and PCs In the three years I
worked their.

And have A good knowledge of pcs in general as i have always built my
own pcs at home for years.

So this got me thinking one of the many frustrating things about
buying a new pc is geting a spec that suits your needs. A specially
with Laptops as it is hard to Upgrade in the future.

Read more at http://www.pd2.net/laptop.html
TO see what Laptop I Recommended and why. Sorry This article was a bit
long to include it all in here. so I made a page for it.

What do you think

Thank You Adrian Eyre

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