I've done the research, but need help on buying...

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Any recommendations on a laptop for me? I'm a consultant who uses my
laptop for work and for personal use. Here are my requirements:

1. At least Pentium M 1.73 MHz
2. Hard Drive at Least 60 MB, at least 5400 speed.
3. At least 512 MB RAM
4. A CD, DVD with DL DVD writing.
5. I'm a consultant who will be moving in a year, so I want a
dependable 3 year international warranty. I will most likely be moving
to New Delhi, India. I figure shelling out 200-300 dollars for a
warranty is worth is as I am likely to have at least one major problem
in 3 years of heavy use (so experience tells me).
6. 15 inch screen, preferably SXGA, but not necessary. NIce screen
anyway for watching the occasional DVD.
7. Battery Life, at least 4 hours average.
8. Weight isn't that important, I don't actually travel much for work.
As long as it isn't a big monster. Say less than 7 lbs preferably.
9. Price - definitely less than $1700, hopefully less than $1500.
10. I don't do any gaming, but I do some sound recording. I already
have a PCMCIA sound card for that (Echo Indigo).

My experience:
1. IBM - wait times at their sales call center too long, hung up, not
impressed. Also seem to be much more expensive than HP or Dell.
2. HP - have international warranties that are probably reliable. I
would have to get one of their "NC" models for the proper 3 year
warranty, which is basically a Compaq, which I have and I'm thinking I
would like to try something different.
3. Dell - out of the question as they definitely have not service in

Any other brands you can thnk of that would fit the bill? Any help is
appreciated, thanks!


Re: I've done the research, but need help on buying...

kayda wrote:
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Patience, Grasshopper.  Call IBM again.


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