I thought this would be simple...

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....choosing a laptop with the clearest screen image. No such luck.
Have to deal with pixel resolution, glare vs non-glare screens, and
probably issues I haven't even discovered yet. Then I ran across
a caution about Longhorn. I don't know much about it; I can only
suppose that it's some new threat from Microsoft.


Re: I thought this would be simple...

Longhorn is the code name for the newest version of Windows which will come
out in a beta this fall and probably be offered for consumers by mid to late
2006.  I know of no purported problems with Longhorn and laptop displays.
If you live where there is a Best Buy or a Comp USA store, you need to go in
one, or both, of them and look at laptops.  If possible, get four or five of
them side by side.  In my reply to your earlier post I picked the Dell
Inspiron 9300 as my favorite.  I just ordered mine and payed $942 for it,
shipping at no charge.  It runs about $1600 on the Dell website.

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Re: I thought this would be simple...

Sean wrote:
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I'd worry a lot about the ambient lighting in your application.
Some of the best looking screens have a shiny clear glass front.
BAD, BAD, BAD if you have a lot of glare.

I got this Neovo LCD monitor with a surface treatment/filter that's
phenomenal.  Attenuation of reflected light is HUGE.
It's also a smooth glass surface.  A really good anti-reflective coating
will be like a camera lens.  Touch it and you've got a fingerprint that
won't come off.

In the stores, they set it up to optimize it's appeal.  Take a BIG
flashlight with you.

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Re: I thought this would be simple...

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Ah don't think so. If we made it that simple for you, where would us
salepeople be employed?  tech support? we'll be out of work, the
economy goes ka-poof!

First off, fergetabout Longhorn. Man, if you are bothered by such
far-fetching (not available for 18 months), you are never going to buy
anything.  Next year, there will be another development. Heck , next 3

Seriously, u shouldn't have much of a problem unless you are planning
to use it outdoors, near sunlight.  If u do, look hard, there are not
many models that do well in bright lights.

First notebook?  I'd worry about heat too (on your palmrest, on your
lap, loud fan). Don't say u never heard it.

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