i need some help

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hey, i'm sharon and someone told me a long time ago.. that you can see
on your pc when you started your pc..
So do someone knows how to do this? and can you explain me.. it's very
Thank you !!

Re: i need some help

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Huh? What do you mean? You want to see when someone is on their
computer? Or you want to see someone on their webcam? Or what do you
mean? If the former, there are lots of ways to see if someone is online.
Although most of them requires the other person's approval. If without
their approval, you need to know their IP address. Then you can Ping or
Finger their IP address to see if they are online. Although if they have
a stealth firewall, that won't work.


Re: i need some help

that you can see
on your pc when you started your pc..

Does that mean you want to find out the first day you turned your new
PC on?

Re: i need some help

On 14 May 2007 09:57:41 -0700, sharonlovekitten@hotmail.com wrote:

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Right click on 'My Computer'
Click on 'Manage'
Click on 'Event Viewer' in the left hand window
Double click on 'System' in the right hand window
Look for Event 6009 (See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/196452 for a full
explanation of what Event 6009 contains)

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Re: i need some help

Am 14 May 2007 09:57:41 -0700 schrieb sharonlovekitten@hotmail.com:

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I assume you're looking for something similar to the uptime command in
unix. Well, windows does not have such a tool built in. Yet you can follow
these descriptions, provided you have at least windows 2000 running:

1.  Go to "Start" -> "Run".
2.  Write "CMD" and press on "Enter" key.
3.  Write the command "net statistics server" and press on "Enter" key.
4.  The line that start with "Statistics since íK" provides the time that
the server was up from.
The command "net stats srv" can be use instead.

source: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B555737&x=13&y=11

This also contains a link to a tool from microsoft for windows nt4 or
But I'm not sure if that works with XP and/or Vista. There's a couple of
more free tools out there, google is your friend...

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You're welcome...

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