I need help on an old notebook

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Hi to all. :-) I hope this is the right place to ask this... if not, can you
tell me wich is the right newsgroup? Ok... here is the questions:

Someone here has some info on a Dual Technology Corp. model PMD-5700? That
company disappeared 6 years ago. Searching with Google gives not much info. :-(
Only help request never answered or battery replacements for that notebook. I
need a manual and all the info possible. This model was sold by other brands
(Bit, Terra and others) with the same model number. This notebook was put
togeter using the pieces from 3 notebooks... 2 PMD-5700 for the notebook and
one SKD-4000 for the power supply. All of these are Dual's notebooks. Actually
I have 3 problems... It can't find the irda and the joystick/midi port. The 3rd
problem happens when i try to turn on the notebook with the battery inserted...
after 30 second it suddently turn off with a little "click" coming from the
notebook or the power supply. I've tried with 2 different batteries. Without
batteriy it works with no problems. If I use the power supply on the SKD-4000
everything works well, even with the dead battery inserted and the battery
charging led turns on.
PS: Sorry for my really bad english. :-(

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