I Need a laptop...

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Ok, I really need to get a laptop.  If anyone has a spare that they
want to trade for somthing, or that they want to sell, I am prepared to
offer a fair price.  I don't have much money, but I have a lot of
components that I can trade (I have a deal going with my local computer
store.  Anything that they either can't fix, or thet the customer
dosen't come back for I get to have Free.).  So if anyone has anything
at all (Preferably a 4+ gig hard drive, nad at least a 233 Mhz
Processor) please tell me as soon as posible.  My e-mail address it
brigzzy@gmail.com.  (And if anyone wants an invite to gmail, I would be
glad to provide one.)

Thank you in advance


Re: I Need a laptop...

If you want such low specs, you might as well get a pda, they're just as
cheap, smaller and have better battery life.
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Re: I Need a laptop...

I had a PDA for a while, but I didn't like it.  I need somthing with a
slightly frendlier interface.

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