i have replied but...

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I have just bought laptop with 15.4"..one week ago..and I am very annoyed by
the screen.
I am thinkig of selling it, or getting it back...

It has its charm, but surfing istn'tmuch of a fun when there is always a
blank part on the right side.
it is cool for watching dvds, but for surfing, writng a word document is
when you consider that it wights 3kg..and i could have bought 15" and

your thoughts?

is 15.4" the future of laptops?

The model is acer5024wlmi, 80gb hd, adm T 1.8GHz, ATI radeon x700 128mb,
512mb ram, 1280-800 15.4"WXGA, WLAN,  IRDA, 6-in1 card reader, PCMCIA,
4.usb.2.0, IEEE 1394, VGA out, S-video TV...ineresting, there is no way to
insert a normal mouse...i must have been out of the game to long..i wasnt
informed about the new technlogy for mouses..

my only remark is the keyboard. to, to soft.
beside that the device is ok. it is a desktop replacemnt laptop, so its
normal to be a little heavier. 3kgs.
but now i somewhat regretful for not buying a smaller one.

toshiba satelite L10-194, 60gb hd, centrino 1,7Ghz, Intel (somethng)64mb,
512mb ram, 1024-768 15"XGA, Wlan, LAN 3usb 2.o, PCMCIA
i hear the keyboard is excelent, and it weights only 2.7.

but i thought the acer i bought is much more advanced...80gb to 60gbs hard
drive, 1.8-1,6 GHz, grafic card 128-64, plus it has this other stuffs

Have I made the right decion?
Is there anyone who didnt like the widescreen and later got used to it? :)
the keyboard?

Re: i have replied but...

What do you mean by "blank spot"?  Only use the resolution that the LCD
display is designed for or you can run into problems like you describe.

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a 17 inch widescreen and it is incredible!

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Re: i have replied but...

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i am refering to the fact that some web sites are designed for showning in
1024x768 resolution, or even smaller, 800x600.
f.e. look at http://www.monitor.hr

since i have that WXGA 15.4"...there is lot of space empty on the right.

and i if i change the resolution to 1024x768 it looks weird.
not to mention 800x600.

but thanks anyway.

Re: i have replied but...

I still don't fully understand what your complaint is about.  Just because a
website is designed for optimal viewing at a certain resolution does not
mean that your LCD display is faulty.  Simply use the native resolution of
your LCD display to utilize the full capabilities of your screen.  Yours is
probably 1400 x 900.  Do not change the resolution of your display to
accommodate a website.

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Re: i have replied but...

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i never meant or thaught my display is faulty..or broken.
native is 1280x800.

when talking about natives, i've heard they want some territiories back---

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