I Dropped My Inspirion 2200

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I was at a friends house and he fell over in his chair and knocekd my
laptop of his bed (1-2 feet). Now I get this blue error screen that
says "a problem has occured... blah blah blah" then it says something
about "KERNEL_" and then says something after that. Now sometimes I get
a white screen that says dell at the top and says something about the
"modular bay". If you know how to fix this I would be very grateful.  I
think my hard drive may be loose but I'm too afraid to take it apart.
If you could tell me how that would be great.

Re: I Dropped My Inspirion 2200

Fyre wrote:
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I had a similar problem and taking it apart and reseating everything
took care of it. That said, I'm not familiar with your model and not
going to walk you through its disassembly. But rest assured it's not
that difficult if you've spent any time at all installing/removing
anything in computers.

Re: I Dropped My Inspirion 2200

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If you fancy reseating all the components, but don't know where to start,
you can download a service manual here:-


The section called 'FRUs' explains how to access and remove every part of
the system.

Good luck!

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