I am Dissapointed with HP

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Hi All,

   I am an unlucky guy who trapped in good advertisements of HP...

   I just want to say that don't buy HP products... At least don't buy
HP laptops...

   I am writing right now on HP laptop only which I purchased just two
days back from ELMCO Pte. Ltd., Funan IT mall (Singapore).
   When I came back from the shop and started using my laptop the same
night.. I came to know its LCD screen is having flicker.

   Actually while I was buying the laptop, the sales person at ELMCO,
kept me busy with HP papers and add-ons, and another one started the
Laptop.. I could not check it at that moment. and the fickering
problem happenes at startup.
   And I am 100% sure that the saleperson was knowing the problem.

   Next morning, I called up the ELMCO as well as HP company itself..
both of them denied to change the piece but suggested me to get it
repaired under warranty.

   And for your information that ELMCO is the authorised dealer of HP.

   Now its upto you. You have to decide.

   I don't want to make it too long, but just want to say HP company
is not good. I am really dissapointed with them.

Happy shopping.. but be careful..

Wie Wie

Re: I am Dissapointed with HP

Wie Wie wrote:
Your mother didn't give You a real name? Or are You just a coward?

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Too late, we did, and quite a lot of them....

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Well, there always is the chance that something breaks, even if the device
is new. Shit happens...

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So You think You get ripped of by Your dealer? Has it been a demonstration
unit or was it originally packaged and sealed?

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Sounds good.

I really can't understand Your problem. You bought a brand new laptop which
showed a failure, and HP is willing to repair it under warranty. So what?
Are You angry that You got a new laptop that has a failure? Like with all
complicated electronic devices, there always is a small percentage that will
arrive DOA or defective. This is _not_ a problem with HP, it happens with
all brands.

You seem to think that Your seller knew the laptop was broken. Even if
that's the case, what has HP to do with it? HP has no control over how
reputable a dealer is, so if You really got ripped by Your dealer blame him
and not HP.

We use lots of laptops from HP, and we rarely have any problems with them.
So please stop whining around. If You think You got ripped off, be man
enough to blame Your dealer, and not HP. And maybe You should stop X-posting
Your silly crap in several newsgroups that have _nothing_ to do with HP or
laptops in general.


Re: I am Dissapointed with HP

Well Benjamin sums my thoughts up.
Wanted to reply to "Wei Wei" but then decided not to thinking it will be a
waste of time.

Gotta admit I am one damn happy HP customer!
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Re: I am Dissapointed with HP

Please stop crossposting on offtopic newsgroups.

BB a écrit :
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Florent Curé
florent (point) cure (arobase) free (point) fr

Re: I am Dissapointed with HP

HP And compaqs do have a problem w/screen flickering.. It lies in the
switching circuit from adapter to battery as far as I can tell as of
yet. Have seen quite a few that will switch back and forth.. batt to
adapter, and the screen will go to battery saving mode.(Darker) on the
switch. Readjust your screen brightness controls to match either mode
and it will quit.. Run batter calibration prior as this can be an
issue as well.. F6 at boot.

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