HPCompaq HD fail - CD-boot possible?

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HD on my HPCompaq nx9030 (laptop) failed (a year past guarantee)

I tried to boot Ubuntu (linux) direct from CD, but it hangs and never
boots. CD seems OK, so I'm wondering:
Is a properly working HD required even for a CD boot?

(The CD boot hangs up in the same way, whether the HD is inserted or

If original OS (Win xp) is re-installed, Win XP does boot from the
"failed" HD, but with some functions not working, such as "sleep/
hibernation", sound, etc.)

Thanks for any opinions.

Re: HPCompaq HD fail - CD-boot possible?

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I'd see about finding a diagnostics disk for your laptop; but the
first thing I would try is memtestx86 (since it's free) to see if the
CPU caches and RAM operate flawlessly, while you're waiting for your
diagnostics disk to arrive.  At a first guess, I would say your
laptop's BIOS firmware has become corrupted (usually due to power
surges and localized brownouts), but before you try to re-flash /
update it you need to make sure that RAM and CPU cache are not the
problem.  If your BIOS is bad, then you should replace your AC adapter
with a new one, as usually the AC adapter will stabilize / regulate AC
power at least to an extent.

Re: HPCompaq HD fail - CD-boot possible?

David - many thanks for the info.

I replaced HD and it works fine now. (The shop had a Seagate
diagnositics CD for checking the HD).

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Oops.... this was due to my assuming the basic OS was all installed
from the recovery CD.  It wasnt!  The *drivers* CD also has to be
installed in order to get those functions (like "sleep/hibernation",
sound) working!

I'd better see if there is a *HPcompaq installation for dummies* out
there somewhere :-)

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