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I recently purchased the new HP zv6000 with all the options (1Gb RAM, DVD
burner, AMD Athlon 3500, etc) for a very reasonable price at TechDepot.com,
and everything is great except for one very annoying problem. The touch pad
is at equal distance from each side, but the space bar is slightly off
center, to the left. This makes that when I type, the right hand is always
over the touch pad and moves the cursor around, scrolls the page up and down
and clicks, so it's practically impossible to type if the touch pad is on. I
would have liked to either have the touch pad aligned with the space bar, or
to have a track stick (the small button in the middle of the keyboard that
replaces the mouse).

I tried setting various touch pad options but nothing fixed the problem.
Anybody has a solution to this problem, other than using a regular mouse?

I am wondering how HP designed the keyboard and touch pad - have they
actually performed any usability tests? For example all Dell notebooks have
the touchpad in the right place and they provide the track stick too, which
is incredibly useful, as you don't need to take the hands off the keyboard
in order to perform mouse actions.


Re: HP ZV6000

A wrote:
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Some (most, all?) touchpads have a sensitivity control and/or palm
contact control to help with this problem.  These are accessed from
either or both of the mouse control panel and a separate touchpad setup
operation. The latter can be accessed by right-clicking the touchpad
icon in the taskbar if it is there.  Otherwise, it looks like Dell is
your answer unless you disable the touchpad and use a mouse.


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