hp zt1150 pavilion laptop fan noise

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The HP zt1150 pavilion I own is in great condition, however the fan
runs intermittently for long intervals.  Is there anything I can do
to reduce fan noise and reduce the frequency the fan needs to run in
order to cool the laptop?  I am aware of cooling stations.  I prefer
to make either a software or hardware adjustment to reduce the fan

Also, can anyone suggest a very quiet and silent running inexpensive
laptop (low fan and hard drive noise)?

Thank you:)

Re: hp zt1150 pavilion laptop fan noise

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I have the same machine.  First thing you need to do is get a can of
air with a long plastic tube attache and use it generously well within
the clloing fins around the heat sink.  Most likely there is a lot of
dust and debris gathered in the cooling fins and channels.

If that doesn't do it then you might want to disassemble the machine
enough to get at the cooling fan, ducts and heat sink.  Clean it out
really, really well and try starting it up.

I did this to mine and the noice virtually disappeared and the fan
stopped running continuously. It still does come on and run for a
while but shuts off again after it has done its job (cool the CPU).

Hope this helps.


ps: want to buy a brand new battery?  Make an offer.
I bought one and then found out my charging circuit was kaput!

Re: hp zt1150 pavilion laptop fan noise

I have found the information that you are looking for. On page 51 of
this PDF: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/lpi05729.pdf you will
find detailed intstructions on removing and replacing the fan/heatsink
assembly for your HP Pavilion zt1000 series notebook PC. The part
number for the fan/heatsink assembly is F3377-60946. You will need this
number when you contact HP to order this replacement part here

I hope I've been able to be of assistance.


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