HP ZE5385US: 512MB -> 192MB. Bad memory and bad slot?

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I got a problem with my laptop. It had 512MB of RAM (2x256MB, 266MHz
PC2100 chips).
I found one day that the laptop (with Windows XP) is painfully slow. It
turned out that now the system reports only 192MB on board. Added 64MB
for the videocard, it sums up to 256MB, or one working module.

I checked the memory with MemTest86 diagnostic utility, It also sees
only 192MB.

If I removed any of the RAM modules, the system wouldn't start up at
all. Moreover, if I switch the places for RAM modules, the system also
wouldn't start up.

I decided that the one of RAM modules got broken/burnt out/whatever,
and went to the nearby discount computer store for the replacement.

However, when I tested the laptop with two new RAM modules 512MB each,
the system reported only 448MB (512 - 64). When I removed the module
from the first (left, or outside) slot, the system continued working
wit 448MB, but removing the module from the right slot makes the system

So, the main problem seems to be with the slot (while it looks that one
of RAM modules is also burnt out). Is it likely that it's just
electrical contacts on the slot? Or could it be that one of memory
channels/controllers/whatever have died?

How can I check that to make sure?
What kind of repair is possible - in case of slot contacts or memory
The slot seems to be inteeegrated with the motherboard. I guess the
likely option is to replae a motherboars. How expensive that may be?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Re: HP ZE5385US: 512MB -> 192MB. Bad memory and bad slot?

RAM Slot solder joints are not uncommon for this model.. Weve ran into
a few of
them. Figure out which slot is not working and the start
checking pins where
they connect to the systemboard. (Magnification
lamp and a good dental pick
works excellent) Let us know how it goes.

  Also MANY Thanx To Ken Wolf for
the Picks!

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