HP ZE48xx sticky mouse buttons - fix

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I noticed that after about four months of use (from out-of-box-new),
the left mousebutton on my ZE4805WM started to get very sticky and
wouldn't always register properly. If you have a similar problem, read

In order to get to this problem you need to disassemble the entire
machine (approx. 40 screws). After doing so I discovered that the PCB
subassembly containing the two tact switches and a few LEDs, was either
cleaned with the wrong process, or was a "no-clean" process - the
entire PCBA was very sticky with flux or something else. This material
had migrated inside the tact switch, which isn't sealed.

Fix was to wash that small board in isopropyl alcohol and then use
compressed air to blow out the switches. Unfortunately it isn't
possible to clean them out properly. If this problem recurs, I will
swap out the mousebutton switches with the switches under those useless
function buttons above the keyboard.

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