HP ze4610us Freezes moments after switching to battery power, has new battery.

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I cant figure this out. I have been scouring the internet for a few
months on this issue thinking I could solve it on my own. But I am at
my wits end here. It is an HP ze4610us laptop with AMD Athlon XP2500+,
44MB of RAM, 1.8GHz processor, it uses a Proxim Orinoco Gold a/b/g
Wireless PCMCIA. The issue is that whenever I unplug the A/C power the
computer will work for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes
and then freeze requiring a hard reboot. This only happens however
when I am connected to the internet. I thought that this was an IRQ
problem but cant change which request it uses. It is currently on 11
with my Ethernet, and a O2 Micro CardBus Controller oz6912 (whatever
that is?). Is this the issue and I just can't change it?
I thought also that it could be the BIOS so I was told by a person on
another forum to download BIOS KAM 1.60. It ends up I already have
that BIOS. So i tried to download BIOS KE.M. 1.73, and it said that my
computer was not compatible when I rand the WinFlash. The battery was
purchased about 6 months ago and has had problems since I first put it
in. I bought the computer that same month but it had a dead battery in
it, so there is no way to tell if it is the battery or the computer
causing the problem. But assuming that it is the computer what are my
options? when the computer freezes it can stay on for over an hour, so
I don't think it is necessarily the battery. Thank you for any time
and help, I would deeply appreciate finally being able use this as a
Laptop and not a Desktop.

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