HP zd8000 vs Fujitsu Lifebook n6010

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Can anyone who has actually used one of these notebooks share their
experience?  These two are the only ones I've found (I'm not a Compaq fan)
with the built-in numpad which is what I'm looking for.  Weight isn't an
issue.  Both are almost identical in standard features with very similar
customization options.  The HP allows for some nicer (to me) options though.

I've looked at reviews on cnet, pctoday & pcmag as well as various google
search returns but have found nothing very detailed.

The HP zd8000 gets great reviews (weight aside) but then I found one that
said they get way too hot both on the bottom and at the palm rest area even
with that 3rd fan.  I also managed to track down a picture of the bottom of
this machine and it looks a bit off-putting with its 3 fans and other doors.

I haven't been able to locate a picture of the bottom of the Lifebook n6010
to see if its a smooth bottom or bumpy/cratery like the HP appears.  I
haven't read anything negative about this one but then I've barely found
anything at all on it to begin with.

Since none of the stores in my area have either of these machines on the
shelf for physical inspection I'm having to rely on anyone who has, or knows
someone who has, one of these models.  TIA.


Re: HP zd8000 vs Fujitsu Lifebook n6010

I just recently bought the HP ZD8060 (zd8000 with TV tuner option) from
CompUSA for about $1900. I've read the CNET reviews where some people
complain about the heat generated by this machine, and honestly I
haven't experienced it. I sit with the machine on my lap about 50% of
the time, and on a TV tray the other 50%. The machine gets better
circulation on a flat surface obviously.

Performance on this machine is awesome! It matches the performance of a
high-performance desktop I built last year, even considering the hard
drive is way slower.

Functionality is great. The WinXP Media Center OS combined with the TV
tuner allows me to record to hard drive. It all worked flawlessly out
of the box. I run video editing software, digital music applications
(Reason 3.0, Ableton Live 4.0, etc.) and everything works great. The
screen is absolutely beautiful and the WiFi network card gets awesome

The machine is a beast in terms of size and weight. That might be a
limitation to you or not. Me, I only lug the machine from room to room.

My only real complaint is that I only get about an hour of battery
life. This just isn't enough and I have to keep the thing plugged in,
wherever I go.

Good luck.

Re: HP zd8000 vs Fujitsu Lifebook n6010

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Wow, thanks for the great feedback.  If you don't mind answering something
else for me, what's with the Media Center Edition?

It looks like its not just an OS but a box with a bunch of ports to handle
the tuner connections.  I have a tv tuner/radio card in my desktop that's
pretty small so I wanted to verify that the MCE does indeed come with a
separate piece of equipment as I don't see cable or radio in ports on the
laptop itself.

If that's a correct assumption does it work wirelessly where the box can sit
near a cable outlet in one room and the laptop access it from another or
does the laptop need a wired connection to it?

Sorry for the ignorance on the subject.  I've done some googling about it
but didn't find anything "for dummies" if you know what I mean.

The configuration I'm looking at on the zd8000 (customized) is:

-Win XP Pro (or MCE if I can better understand how it works)

-650 3.4ghz HT processor (although I'm reading some things that indicate
there's no noticable difference between a 3.0 & and 3.2 or 3.4.  If that's
so I can save myself some money

-2gb Ram since, for once, its reasonably priced to let the manufacturer do

-100gb 5400rpm hd.  I want the 7200 but would rather have the additional

-free upgrade this week to the dual-layer DVD+/-RW/R CD-RW Combo

-256mb graphics card simply to add to potential future retail value (no
gaming will be done by me)

-wireless 802.11g w/bluetooth

On the one hand I'm keeping future resale value in mind by attempting to max
it out and/or make it more appealing to a gamer.  I do need the big hd and I
need performance like my 3.0ghz, 2gb ram, desktop for running multiple
accounting & database apps at the same time.  You mention the speed of your
laptop, would you mind sharing the processor & ram specs?  I would certainly
consider going with a lesser clock speed and the 128mb graphics card if
spending the extra money for the higher ones isn't going to pay off in


Re: HP zd8000 vs Fujitsu Lifebook n6010

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I'm sending back my 3.4GZ model. It is too freakin hot!


Re: HP zd8000 vs Fujitsu Lifebook n6010

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I recently purchased a zd8000, for use as a 2nd "desktop", letting the kids
continue to use the older desktop.  It's our first laptop.  Configuration:
1.8GHz CPU (saved a little money)
1GB memory
80 GB 5400 HD
top of the line upgrade for the LCD display
256MB upgrade for the x600 video card
wireless w/ speedbooster

We love it!  Sure, it's not as light as we would have liked, nor does the
battery last as long as we would want, but we bought it primarily as another
"desktop" anyway.

Paul Ruzicka

Re: HP zd8000 vs Fujitsu Lifebook n6010

I'm considering purchasing the HP ZD8111 but I can't find any specs on
the external DVR. Can anyone tell me what ports (input and output) are
available. Also, is there TV-out on the laptop itself or do you have to
go through the DVR to watch on a television? Thanks.

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