HP zd7000 display problem

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The display on my zd7000 laptop has stopped working (Geforce Go5700
128mb). The screen remains blank when I turn on the machine, even
though it seems like Windows is booting up and running in the
background. The 'disc busy' light flickers on and off at all the
right moments, and the 'sticky keys' noise comes on after repeatedly
hitting the shift key. The only time the screen comes to life at all
is when I set the system to hibernate (by pressing the power button
followed by shift+H), when the Windows hibernation screen flickers on
and off until the system sleeps.

The problem first manifested itself about a month and a half ago, but
after attempting to boot with the Windows installation disc, the
screen miraculously came back to life. Until yesterday, it seemed
like that method worked to temporarily remedy the problem. Now, the
display remains blank no matter what I do. I used to think it might
have been a driver problem, but I'm thinking more and more that the
video chipset may be fried. Any help would be appreciated

Re: HP zd7000 display problem

Check to se if its operational on external monitor.. If so it could be
the backlight or inverter..

Re: HP zd7000 display problem

Well, I connected external monitor, and it works. I'm currently in the
middle of reseting BIOS and repairing Windows, as per the
recommendation of HP tech support guys (though I suspect that they
don't really know what they're talking about). Hopefully things will
work themselves out...

Re: HP zd7000 display problem

Shine a light on the screen and se if you can se the video in the
background.. If so the Inverter or backlight has failed and BIOS
settings will NOT do anything for this..

Re: HP zd7000 display problem

On Sun, 02 Oct 2005 16:32:55 GMT,
ueno@its.caltech-dot-edu.no-spam.invalid (MakotoUeno) wrote:

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This is a very "popular" problem with the ZD7000 with go5700 128MB.

Essentially, it starts with weird artifacts showing up on your screen
from time to time.  Then a few times the screen doesn't come up during
boot (you have to fudge with it a bit).  Then finally, the screen just
DIES, even though you can see everything from an external monitor.

Once it starts, it cascades (usually it takes a couple of weeks) to a
final death, even though it's obvious that the machine is still
booting up.

HP has not, and will not admit this is a problem.  But check here:


It's well-documented there (search strings = "Screen", "Screen
Failure", "Screen Dies", etc).

You will find many posts from me and others about it.

This problem happened to me THREE TIMES with the same ZD7000 laptop in
less than a year (after the first repair, they sent the laptop back
with a bad backlight/inverter).  So, in total, I had to send my laptop
back twice for the same problem, and once for another one they caused.
However, the screen died AGAIN!  Same exact bloody problem!

I got the ZD7000 in July, first failure early December, 2nd failure in
January, and final screen failure in June.

Now, I play maybe, like 2 games on my laptop.  The rest is video
stuff, and basic internet vegging.

On the last failure, I was irate.  Luckily, it appears HP has a 4
strikes thing.  Since it was the 4th problem in less than a year, they
replaced it with a ZD8000, which has, so far, worked okay.

Simply put, call HP and arranged to have it repaired.  Are you still
under warranty?  Seriously, the way you describe it, I've heard this
problem many times and have experienced it many myself.  It's nothing
you're doing wrong.  It's a total design flaw of some sort.

Be warned.  They will probably replace it with a used (refurbished)
motherboard.  They may only barely have any ZD7000 motherboards in
stock, so, if they don't upgrade you to a ZD8000, you may end up
waiting more than a couple of weeks (as opposed to the standard 4-day
turnaround).  And, not to totally bum you out as much as I have
already, you may end up getting the problem later on (it's happened to
others, not just me).

I just want you to be warned.  There have been many others who appear
to have no problems with their ZD7000s, so really...you may be lucky.

- Keirmeister

Re: HP zd7000 display problem

Hey, thanks a lot for your help. Even though it still sucks, it's good
to hear that other people have suffered through the same problems...
let's me feel a little better about the prospect of getting the thing
fixed. I've tried the online 'find a service center' page, but the
best results I got was basically a weblink to Bestbuy and Radio
Shack. I'll try giving them a call and mailing the machine back to

Unfortunately, I'm not under warranty anymore. I used to be a Mac
owner until recently, and despite what you may think about Apple,
their machines hardly ever do B.S. like this.

Anyway, thanks again for your help. I hope this doesn't become a habit

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