HP zd7000 backlight. Please help

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I have HO ZD7188 laptop with bad LCD.
The system works good with an external monitor, and I can see faint
image on the LCD, so i suspected this is a backlight problem.
I ordered new inverter, but that didn't help.
I did some pocking around with a multimeter, and I have +18V coming to
one of the pins on the inverter, but no output from the inverter
(measured with the lamp unplugged, with probes accross the output)
There are 5 pins total, and only one has power applied, so I am
wondering if there is some kind of "on" signal that is missing.
i could not find a schematic for that inverter, so I have no idea what
to look for.

Does anyone know if this might be related to the motherboard/video
Ay other ideas?

Thank you

P.S.This laptop has GeForce FX 5600 v. 64M dedicated RAM, in case
taht's relevant

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