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Hi! Someone here mention that US TV tuner is not going to work in another  
country. I am planning to get Pavillion dv8000 with TV tuner. As I will be  
moving to Korea, my question is? Eventhough Korea have same system (NTSC,  
all TV, VCR, DVD playing with no problem), is the TV analog USB tuner be  
useless there? HP gave me two different answer, yes you guess they were  
yes and no.
Thank for any advice

Re: HP Pavillion TV tuner question

If you are having an analog type of TV tuner, it might work overseas
but I am not sure about the digital type

.I have asked the manufacturer of my TV tuner and they replied that if
its sold with the notebook it will work  he country where it was
purchased but less likely if used elsewhere. This applies ot PCIMIA and
USB type tuner.

 NTSC code
USA and Canada belong to region 1 while Korea belongs to region 3

Re: HP Pavillion TV tuner question

There are two issues, neither of which I can actually answer, but at
least I know what they are:

1.  There are several variants of "NTSC".  Do Korea and the US use the
exact same variant, with the exact same values for vertical and
horizontal refresh rates, the color subcarrier frequency and the sound
subcarrier frequency?  [The values for the US are 59.94 Hz, 15,764 Hz,
3.579545MHz and 4.5MHz)


2.  Even if the signals are the same (exactly the same), are the TV
transmission frequencies the same?  That is, is "channel 2" (and all
other channels) in the US on exactly the same frequency as the
corresponding channel in Korea.  For example, in the US "Channel 2" runs
from 54.0 MHz to 60.0 MHz with the visual carrier at 55.25 MHz and the
aural carrier at 59.75 MHz, but in other countries (even countries using
the US variant of NTSC) these transmission frequencies could differ.

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