hp pavillion dv6000 issue

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Hello all, first time poster.

I own a hp Pavillion dv6000 that I purchased nearly 9 months ago.  So
far it hasn't had any issues.  But just this morning, I discovered
that my laptop's screen wouldn't turn on when I boot the darn thing.
All the blue lights would come on, the fan would run, and it seems
like the OS has booted, but the screen would just stay black.

The only other discrepency was that there would be 3 high pitched
beeps when I start up the laptop.

I contacted hp support and they said to use their mail-in repair
service.  They assume that this is a video card issue.  My laptop is
loaded with a 256mb nVidia card designed for laptops.

Anyway, while my laptop is under warranty and mail-in is an option,
that would take a long time and the laptop contains work-related stuff
that I would be hard pressed to part with for an extended period of

Does any1 on the board have any viable suggestions?  If this is a
video card issue, should I consider buying a video card on my own and
replace it?  Or maybe I can solve this by resetting the inernal

Any helpful suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.

Re: hp pavillion dv6000 issue

I've got a year-old dv6000 in my office and
will check it out later on today (i.e. how to
enter bios etc, if there's a text-based test
mode etc.)  Will get back prior to close of
business, on West Coast.

I'd guess that the 3-beeps are an error
message from the bios on startup.  Although
I'm a Thinkpad person I bought the HP as a
multi-media machine and am impressed with
HP's customer service.

Personal feeling is that you should send the
machine in for repair by HP earliest and
specify overnight return -- the cost of that
should be less than attempting a local
repair.  If you open the machine and fail to
fix it then you've got a broken machine and
no warranty.

All those business-related files are backed
up on a memory stick -- right?  (Many of mine


jeehokim1@yahoo.com wrote:
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Re: hp pavillion dv6000 issue

jeehokim1@yahoo.com wrote:
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Try holding F10 when power comes on.  That
put me into a text-based bios screen.

Still feel that shipping it to HP is the best


Re: hp pavillion dv6000 issue

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3 beeps on startup is the POST error message telling you that the graphics
adapter is not present (i.e. it has failed).  You will need to ship it to HP
for repair.

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