hp pavilion ze5500 zapped by lightening ??

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Hi all,

I was given this laptop which was presumably hit by lightening.
A television and cable modem and printer also died from this jolt.
I don't think it was a close hit but just induced surge.  If I press and
hold the power button for a couple of seconds all the little blue lights
come on and the computer sounds like it is trying to access the cd
player (even though no cd is in there).  The little yellow light on the
cd player flashes each time it makes the little clunk like it accessing
the cd player.  If I open the tray, the noise stops.

Once, when I tried to start it, the windows flash screen came up and
it started to loaded but stopped part way and then the windows image
when away.

I tried putting an xp boot cd in it and turned it on but it just makes
that same accessing noise like it is trying to read it.  I've take the
battery out and put it back in.

I'm wondering what (if anything) I can do to see if I can salvage this

thanks much!!!!!!

Re: hp pavilion ze5500 zapped by lightening ??

Hi Mac,

I've resolved issues with more than 15000 laptops which were hit by
lightening, i hope this issue gets resolved aswel.
Please do the following.
1) Take the battery out of the unit.
2) Unplug the adapter.
3) Press 'n hold the power on button for 30 secs.
4) Put adapter 'n battery back in their place.
5) Keep your fingers crossed.
6) Turn the laptop on.
7) let me know of the result.

Thank you

Re: hp pavilion ze5500 zapped by lightening ??

Oh man, you had me so hopeful.  I tried it three times, no luck.
Funny, I tried it one time with just the a/c plugged in and it makes
a sound like tic/tock but more of just a "tock" every second.

The fan comes on it sounds like it is really going to fire up but it
doesn't (except for that one time when windows started to load).

How much do you think a place would charge to fix it given what
you know??  Is it worth sending to anyone??

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Re: hp pavilion ze5500 zapped by lightening ??

If all the LED's are lighting and no post? Could be/sounds like the
BIOS chip.. Not a big issue if you can remove and reprogram it. "
B"asic "I"nput "O"utput "S"ystem.(BIOS). First to swap is this, Or
check for 5V at the pins, if its socket mounted and not a surface
mount soldered soldered PLCC chip.(If it is we remove, Reprogramm,
Install a socket in case of  future flash or power failures down the
road). Pull the wireless card cover off and let me know. If its
socket mount it will be an SST-39SF040 Component with a brown cage
surrounding it. Surface mount will just have the same chip connected
directley to the board..


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