HP Pavilion ZE5385US Notebook

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I have a HP Pavilion ZE5385US Notebook. This notebook haves a
4200 RPM 60GB Toshiba drive. It=B4s a slow HDD, and I=B4d like have
a suggest from you. Which HDD can I put in this notebook to get
a fastest I/O than now ? Which 7200 rpm HDD do you recomend
to me ?


Re: HP Pavilion ZE5385US Notebook

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You definately can upgrade to a fast drive with a higher spin speed for
faster seek time and lower access times.

See this link here from newegg for a sample of 7200rpm notebook drives
that will fit in your unit.


Do keep in mind that faster spinning drives will draw more power, so
that hour of battery life that you may still have now will drop.  That
is likely the reason why your drive was sourced with a 4200rpm part from
HP in the first place.

A 4200rpm drive is somewhat painful, but have you done any tests on the
drive to make sure it isn't going bad?  A faulty hard drive will make it
seem as if your machine is abnormally slow.

Download Seatools Desktop Diagnostics from here:
http://public.www.planetmirror.com/pub/seagate/seatools/desktop/3.00.07 /?

Burn that to CD and boot from it and run the full diagnostic test.  If
the physical properties of the drive fails, then you need to replace the

Ds.Laptop.Repair at gmail dot com

Re: HP Pavilion ZE5385US Notebook

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Thank you for your answer.
I'll get a Hitachi TravelStar.
Can you tell me how copy all data from my actual HDD to the new
Hitachi ?

Re: HP Pavilion ZE5385US Notebook

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As long as your old drive is not faulty or damaged in any way, then you
can use a utility such as Acronis Disk Director or Acronis True Image in
order to clone your old drive to your new one.  

I personally favor the Acronis products, but pretty much any drive
cloning software will perform the job.  

Maxtor Maxblast supposedly has the ability to clone drives.  Norton
Ghost is an old standby that many people prefer over some of the newer
types of drive/partition cloning programs.

In addition, there are also some freeware programs about that claim to
be able to clone a drive.  DriveImageXML is such a program, and I've
heard that it works very well.  I personally have not had much
experience with it, but I've heard that it gets the job done quite well.

There are a couple of tutorials regarding using freeware applications to
clone your drive:
Ds.Laptop.Repair at gmail dot com

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