HP Pavilion power on problem

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I have an HP Pavilion XH535 laptop a friend gave me. He said for the
longest time he had to mess with the power button to get it to power
up so I figured the power button board was bad. I got a new board,
installed it and have the same problem.
   I tested voltage to the all the push buttons and they  are all
getting 5 volts to the upper 2 solder points (I cannot find anything
that tells me if this is the correct voltage), I tested resistance
through the buttons and they all goto 0 ohms to the bottom 2 points
when the button is pushed, so it appears the buttons are working.
   Here is what's confusing me, when the buttons are pushed, it takes
voltage to all the solder ponts to 0 so nothing is getting any
voltage through the buttons. Is this a sign that something is still
wrong with the power board? Or is this a sign of another problem
   I have hit a huge wall on this so any help or suggestions with this
would be greatly appreciated!!!
   By the way, when I plug this on the lights on the front of the
laptop do light, however the LED power light on the board still has
not lit.

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