HP Pavilion n5425 mini-pci wireless

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A friend has a HP Pavilion N5425 laptop,
but I have not seen it in person as yet....
Doing a little web surfing, it seems like the lapptop has a mini-pci slot,
but I'm not sure how it is normally used - modem, Ethernet, etc ?

What is normally plugged into the mini-pci slot,
and will it support a wireless mini-pci card ?
ie - are there mini antennas inside the laptop cover + mini coax connectors

I have several Dell C610 laptops with the internal mini-pci wireless card...

Re: HP Pavilion n5425 mini-pci wireless

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I had an Omnibook 500 which had the network (wired) and modem on the internal
wireless card.  The Omnibook 510 used the mini PCI card for IR, which I did not
need.  I removed that and put in a mini-PCI 802.11g card.  It has two miniature
coax connectors, I bought antennas on eBay and mounted them in the display
section and routed the coax internally to the card.  Works for me.  I do not
know what the N5425 is using the mini PCI card for, but I would expect that the
notebook does not have the antennas installed.

Bob Headrick

Re: HP Pavilion n5425 mini-pci wireless

Mini-PCI has become a standard for notebook computers.  Any mini-PCI card should
work if installed properly.  Mini-PCI wifi cards have tiny built-in antennae,
which limit their range compared to either PC Card (aka PCMCIA) or USB wifi
cards with larger and/or external antennae.  I have encountered at least one
situation in a home wifi network (BTW, home wifi networks are the worst to set
up) where the mini-PCI wifi card did not have the range and I had to install a
PCMCIA card and antenna to reach the wifi router at the other end of the house.
I suppose I could also have used an inexpensive wifi bridge had they been on the
market at the time... Ben Myers

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005 03:55:17 GMT, "Phil Schuman"

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Re: HP Pavilion n5425 mini-pci wireless

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install a
on the

I'm not sure how other laptops and mini-pci wireless cards are implemented
but on my Dell C610 laptop the mini-pci card goes into the bottom,
does not have any onboard antennas,
and is connected to the physical antennas within the laptop
by very tiny coax cables and connectors
that are routed from inside the laptop to the mini-pci area.

Re: HP Pavilion n5425 mini-pci wireless

Phil, my Compaq (HP) Presario 2100 did not come with a wireless card so they
did not put antennas in the case.  I suggest you open the mini PCI slot and
look for the antennas first before buying a card.  The antennas for my laptop
cost only $24, but it took me 2 hours to get about 1/4 of the way into the
dissembly of the laptop to install the antennas.  I had half of my ping pong
table covered with parts by then and was worried I would not be able to put it
all back together.  So I still use a PCMCIA card for wireless.

(Yes I have a Broadcom 802.11g card sold by HP I am not using)

Tim Lange
West Lafayette, IN
(Go Boilers!)

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