HP Pavilion LCD vertical stripes

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I own a HP Pavilion zd8110us that is only 9-10 months old. It was
working perfectly, but within a few hours after I stopped working and
turned it on again, its LCD started showing vertical stripes in the
left side of the screen (about 2 inches). It follows the pattern
lighter and darker lines. Although dimmed, it displays correctly any
image, and also shows sometimes parts of previous images. For example,
after booting, it is possible to see some dimmed BIOS messages in
Windows logon screen if you pay attention.

Do you have any idea of what may be the problem? It is still in
warranty, but since I am not in the US, in case it is a simple fix, I
could avoid trying to arrange someone in the US to be able to ship it
to HP service center.

I heard about some possibility of being ribbon cable. Could that apply
in this case too?

Thanks in advance,


Re: HP Pavilion LCD vertical stripes

This is normally a bad LCD panel.  Send it back, this could be a $1,000
repair (it could literally cost more, as a repair cost, than you paid
for the laptop).  Don't screw with this one, just send it back.  Remove
the hard drive and any added memory before you return it, because you
may get back a different machine or a machine whose hard drive has been

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