HP Pavilion external monitor streaks

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I have been using an HP Pavilion running Vista for the last 2 years or
so and
it has performed very well (up to now). I have 2 large external
monitors, one at
the office and one at home which I use daily.   The
last 3 weeks, both external
monitors appear to have developed visible
horizontal streaks, almost as if there
is a horizontal flyback blanking
problem.  Its lighter, but still clearly
visible. The notebook screen
remains perfect as does an external TV monitor if I
use the S-Video
port.  Both screens have their own VGA cables, which seems to
point to
the VGA port, but any attempt to alter the error by cable manipulation
seems to indicate that its not simply a bad joint on the connector.

What I
need to know is:
Has anybody had a similar problem before and if so, what was
Is it possible to create this error by incorrect monitor
settings? (
The software allows limited settings, but these all appear ok)
Could this possibly be a graphics driver problem?  (I assume the driver
to be
fine simply because the notebook screen is fine).

Thanks in advance


Re: HP Pavilion external monitor streaks

I managed to resolve this problem.

The problem was the HP PSU unit. The
output wires from the AC-DC
transformer unit developed a bad connection from
repeated handling. I
installed a new PSU and all seems Ok.


Re: HP Pavilion external monitor streaks

handmadeza typed on Mon, 1 Jun 2009 13:01:47 +0100:
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Hi handmadeza! Wow really? I was baffled about your problem. I didn't
think it would have been the AC-DC converter. Glad you figured it out.

Asus EEE PC 702G8 ~ 1GB RAM ~ 16GB-SDHC

Re: HP Pavilion external monitor streaks

Yeah, had me really baffled too. Being limited only to the external
monitor is what got me.  The problem seemed to get worse as the days
rolled on. This obviously as the bad connection somehow deteriorated.  
Over the weekend the PSU unit eventually developed a complete
disconnection and when I was forced to replace the PSU, the monitor
problem disappeared as well.


Re: HP Pavilion external monitor streaks

I want to use 2 external monitors with my powerbook.  I know its only
configured for one external monitor.  Does anybody know of a way to rig
powerbook to use 2 external monitors, so the powerbook itself will
act like
nothing more than a CPU?


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