HP Pavilion dv5040us Bad BIOS Flash - Please Help!

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I have a bad BIOS flash on my HP Pavilion dv5040us laptop.  When the
battery is placed in the laptop, it turns on (w/o pressing power switch)
and the screen remains blank.  The battery has to be removed to turn off
the laptop.

Is there anything that I can do to recover the bios?

Re: HP Pavilion dv5040us Bad BIOS Flash - Please Help!

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    Ok, this is going to sound like voodoo.  It works on 6115's and 6215's
and might work on 5040.  It's reported to but I haven't ever tried.

    Most fairly modern HP's have a tools partition at the beginning of
the hard disc.  If you haven't removed that and all went well the bios
flash program wrote the old bios to that partition.  Plug the thing in to
AC power, turn it on, and hold the Windows key and the B key down.  If all
goes well you should see the numlock led flash and the computer will reboot.
If it doesn't work and you're sure the partition is there, try Fn and B, or
all 4 arrow keys at once.  This is described (sort of) at this page:


    If that doesn't work you'll need a USB floppy drive and a floppy disc
with a bootable DOS of some kind, pc-dos or ms-dos. Add the correct bios
image for your laptop .  Get that by downloading the correct softpaq
file and running it with the -e option.  This will create a directory in C:/
with the BIOS.WPH and xxxxx.wph files.  (They're the same.)  Copy the wph files
to your bootable disc.

    Now power it all off and restart following the procedures to hold
down the various key combos.  If it works you'll hear the floppy spin.  If
not, buy a new rom chip ... :-(

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