hp pavilion dv4000 overheating???

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So my laptop is all of the sudden overheating it appears, as when I run
a big program like Norton complete PC scan, defrag, watch a movie, etc.,
the fan sounds like its running and running then the entire machine
shuts off.  Sometimes it will run for a minute, sometimes 5, but it
always shuts off after a relatively short amount of time.  Never had
this happen before and again, it only does this when I run a large, long
program.  Any ideas?  Thanks a bunch in advance.

Re: hp pavilion dv4000 overheating???

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It's time to check that the cooling airways around the processor are clear
of muck and fluff.  The cooling is often separated from the processor by
heat pipes running to a fan cooled 'radiator'.  The airways in the radiator
are often small and easily but blocked up.  The first step is to apply a
vacuum cleaner to the air inlets (usually in the bottom of the case) and
suck out what you can.  If that fails to effect a cure then you can try
blowing (carefully!) into the outlets with a can of compressed air.

If there is still a problem then, unless you feel confident in doing a bit
of dismantling, a visit to a repair shop is in order.

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