HP Omnibook 510 won't charge batteries. Hardware failure..

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Well I'm begging for help.

I have a HP Omnibook 510.

It won't charge batteries.  It will run off of a charged battery.  It
also displays the proper charge state for each battery.

I bought the battery from a very helpfull ebay seller.  Who sold me
the laptop with a bad battery.  ( I expected this) so I bought a new
replacement battery.  That battery would not charge.  I then bought a
seccond battery, this one a used OEM battery.  That battery would not
charge either.

I figured this meant the laptop was at fualt.  I sent the laptop back
to the ebay seller, and they replaced the motherboard.  The laptop
came back, and was able to charge the battery they sent me, the used
oem battery, a third battery (I had bought in the meantime) and then I
tried to charge the first "new" battery.

The laptop refused to charge the fourth battery.  IT then refused to
charge any other battery.  This points to the battery being at fualt
However the damage done was done to the motherboard.

Does anyone know what to do in this case?  It appears that replacing
the motherboard is very nearly out of the question.  The ebay seller
has no more motherboards to swap into the machine.

I'm hoping that the fix is as simple as some SMT fuse blowing, but I
have been unable to find an open circut.

Re: HP Omnibook 510 won't charge batteries. Hardware failure..

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Does it boot without a battery? If it does not, you may have a bad
power jack. One way to test this is to grab a pen and try to gently
wiggle the connector on the laptop, If it wobbles a lot, then chances
are you're screwed. It's a lot of work to extract the motherboard,
resolder  or replace the connector and reassemble the laptop.

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