HP nx9420 with extremely lousy screen.

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Hello all,

I got a new 17" notebook from my employer lately. A HP NX9420. Though the
performance is brilliant, the screen is much less so. In fact it is the
display I have ever seen. The angle of view is so narrow that one needs
tunnel vision to be happy with it. This is the kind of screen one would
desperately avoid to have.

I had the choice between several versions, and I (stupid me) decided
to buy one with a matte screen because I wanted optimal legibility for
text documents. Viewing angle was nowhere mentioned on the site
of our distributor's or I would have known better than to order this

I managed to find some specs on the internet and my screen is supposed
to have a 25 degree (!) vertical viewing angle and 45 degree horizontal:


However, when I checked the optimum viewing distance with a colleague,
we calculated that the vertical viewing angle is only 10 degrees (!!!)
and the
horizontal is near 30 degrees. We double-checked our maths but find
no flaw. One needs to be > 1.5 m away from  the screen to have it
illuminated evenly and that's rather impractical for a notebook...

For me personally, the laptop is useless because of this. I am very
short-sighted and need to be near the screen. Unfortunately the
wide-angle glare screen versions are no longer available at our
distributor's. The other HP models that are  available now
(such as HP compaq 6820S) are even *documented* to have
only 10 degrees/30 degrees viewing angles:


I assume my NX9420 has this "new" panel too.
My boss has an older nx9420 with noticeably larger viewing angles that
could very well be in the range of 25 / 45 degrees.

I'd like to ged rid of this notebook ASAP, but I'm very reluctant about
getting another HP for fear of getting such a lousy screen again.
Any sub-2000$ recommendations ?

(To answer me, please remove the .NET from my email address)

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