HP nx7400 with disabled SATA native support? big difference?

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I just subscribed and this is my first post.
(If you dont want to read my attempts, plz read the last 2 lines )

I've been having a lot of trouble with my new HP nx7400 notebook. It
came bundled with a Windows XP Home (it was cheaper that way). So I
decided to get rid of it and replace it with Professional. The first
obstacle was during the preliminary windows setup. I had to load
additional drivers for the SATA HDD ( Press F6) but my notebook came
without a flpy drive (wich was the only way to load the drivers). I
tried everything but then decided to buy an external floppy drive
(Maybe for later use). But then I was getting a Blue Screen after all
the instalation. I sent it to HP for repairs and they said that
everything is ok and restored the OS to Xp Home. Later on I found a
post that someone disabled SATA native support in the BIOS and XP
professional worked. So just for testing purposes I installed xp Pro on
another partition with SATA disabled and it worked but Home started to
get the Blue screen and vise versa with enabled SATA Home Worked, Pro

So now I have disabled Sata to use XP PRO. My question is "is there a
big difference in performance between enabled SATA and Disabled??" ( im
going to use the notebook for J2EE development)

Thank you.

Re: HP nx7400 with disabled SATA native support? big difference?

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Wow that is weird! Also I don't understand why you needed a floppy to
install drivers? You can usually installed drivers from virtually
anywhere. Like Flash drives, HD, external drives, and even via the
Internet (assuming you have an Internet connection).


Re: HP nx7400 with disabled SATA native support? big difference?

mirtoni wrote:
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You are going about this update to XP Pro the wrong way.  You should
have no trouble at all dual booting Pro and Home with SATA enabled in
BIOS *if you have all of the required drivers before you start the Pro
installation*.  IMO, the entire problem with the XP Pro installation is
that more than just the SATA driver is missing in the installation.
Given that this is a new Intel chipset, I suspect that the Intel chipset
drivers have not been installed properly, if at all.

HP has a complete set of drivers specifically for XP Pro: (watch the
line wrap on this link, or simply do a search on HP's site for NC6400


Re: HP nx7400 with disabled SATA native support? big difference?

Quaoar wrote:
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Thank you for the reply.
I did download the drivers from the exact HP page, exactly Intel SATA
AHCI Controller Driver wich is a small program that formats the floppy
disk and adds the drivers to it.
Actualy Ive given up trying to install it on SATA, I just want to know
will I lose a lot of performance without SATA support. I did a HD speed
test without SATA and the average was 34 MB/s.

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