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Does anyone know how to make an HP laptop motherboard power up without
the power switch?  I bought one off of EBAY and the gentleman from Hong
Kong said he used a clip to power up the board.  He had just the board,
cpu, fan, and memory.  He then hooked it to external video.  It booted
to the BIOS.  

It has a power problem here at my house.  It will not power up.  Power
connector seems good.  Power supply is new.  Voltage looks right.  have
some voltage readings on board.  i was hoping to re-create his scenario
here and thus prove it is ok, then isolate the other parts.  Right now
laptop is completely disassembled.

Here is the email from him:

Please let me know the sympton of your PC .
There might be one possibility.  The GAP between the heat sink and the
I put in AC then your CPU, heatsink and RAM, and connect to external
monitor.. then I use a Clip to turn on the board and I can see the BIOS
andlet it run for an hour.. still got screen,, then I put the board in
my V2000 and retest with Installation of windows and drivers,, all ok ..
then ship back to you !!

Any help would be appreciated.....ZOHNNY

Re: HP No Workee!

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Can you ask the person you bought it from how they say "RIPPED OFF" in his


Re: HP No Workee!

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If the laptop is completely disassembled, how are you getting the "On"
signal from the power button to the mother-board?  When bench-testing
an ATX-type motherboard and power-supply, absent the case, it is
possible to bridge the power jumper (PWR) briefly (with a screw-
driver, for instance), thus closing the circuit and signaling to the
power-supply to turn-on.  This is quite common when testing quantities
of any particular component (such as MoBo's, RAM and CPU's).  I would
suppose Zohnny to be doing something similar.

Re: HP No Workee!

dg wrote:
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Good analysis, but you forgot the last part: even if the power-on
voltage exists at the switch, there is nothing in that test that
indicates an operable mainboard.


Re: HP No Workee!

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A:  If the power-on voltage exists at the pwr sw, and all other
voltage / amperage / impedance are correct at all other test-points,
the board may still have some hidden issue.  If the power-on voltage
exists at the pwr sw, and you jump / clip the pwr sw, and the MoBo
powers up and you can pass the BIOS self-test, I'd say put the works
together and see if you can load your drivers and operating system.

By the way, if the motherboard had to be shipped all the way from Hong
Kong, have you checked to make sure the CPU is still correctly
seated?  I'm not saying Hong Kong motherboards are bad, nor that
having one shipped from closer is going to be good; odds are decent
your motherboard was either made there or shipped from that port
originally.  I'm saying it's a few thousand miles during which a human
error can occur.

If the motherboard won't boot when it is correctly prepared for boot
(Zohnny may want to ask his eBay seller how to test the MoBo on
arrival), then it mayn't work.  If there's some trick or a contact
sensor that prevents the motherboard from booting or a BIOS to-boot
password coded on the board, Zohnny may need to actually assemble his
laptop (correctly) before this laptop will work.  While possible, I
doubt there will be such a limitation.  I've seen a fair number of
dissected laptop innards turned into desktops / wall-art / pseudo-
science-fiction before, and I've run a couple of them myself when I
was strapped for cash and had the parts laying around and I just felt
like making something different.  Getting them to work has never been
a problem for me.

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