HP Laptop won't start on AC power

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Help! My laptop falls into a coma - if I shut it off, put it on
standby, or just let it go into hibernate it goes unconscious! I cannot
start it again with AC power alone (but with the battery). I must play
with the adapter insert and it's contact in the laptop. It reminds me
of starting up a car without the ignition (the on-off switch does not
work!) and I go directly to the battery with the charger - Once I pull
the adapter out a few times, the computer goes on and boots up!
Essentially it starts on battery!  The battery charges and works for
hours.  The AC contact/adapter works and charges.  Just turning it on!
How can I turn it on from the on/off button and not by fishing around
in the cable contact area in my laptop?
My dear friends, what is the problem?
You will receive 100000 Buddha blessings for your kind solution!

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