HP Laptop Getting Hot

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I have an HP dv2000z laptop.  I don't know all the deets (at least
they're not right in front of me) but it's along the lines of a 2.0GHz
dual core AMD processor, 2GB RAM, and 120GB hard drive.  It's running
Vista basic.

The machine is almost a year old and it has starting running VERY warm
- almost hot.  If I have shorts on I can't put it directly on my
legs.  When it's running hot the brick on the AC adapter is also VERY

The hard drive recently failed - or was about to fail.  It was giving
me errors.  The BIOS has a hard drive diagnostic test and it failed
that test - so HP replaced the drive under warranty - no problems.

I was hoping the failed hard drive was contributing to the system heat
issue but the system runs just as hot with the new drive as the old.
So I chatted with HP today, they suggested I try a few things which
didn't change anything, and they're now saying the machine needs to be
sent in for repair.  I really don't want to send in the unit for 2

Now (finally) my question:  Do you think there is a reasonable chance
this is an OS / sw config issue and maybe I could resolve this by re-
imaging the hard drive?  I'm wondering if doing a clean in stall and
re-building the system might resolve this.  I guess another way to ask
this:  What are the chances this could be caused by some bad or
unfortunate sw config migration that put the overall system into a bad



Re: HP Laptop Getting Hot

Haselsmasher typed on Sun, 9 Mar 2008 15:36:21 -0700 (PDT):
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First thing I would try is to run it on AC without the battery. Does it
run much cooler? Then the battery is shot and don't use it. Second thing
is you probably have dust inside and causing it to overheat. You can try
blowing air through the vents, but it probably needs to be disassembled
to do it right. Also heat can do serious damage. It could be the reason
why your hard drive failed as well.


Re: HP Laptop Getting Hot

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I have a DV9005 HP laptop with 1.6GHz AMD processor. Having owned four other
Toshiba laptops I was surprised at how hot this HP machine runs. I don't use
it on my lap, but I put a piece of Masonite under it on the table where it
sits so I can guarantee it has clear space underneath for cooling rather
than having the feet sink into the table cloth. The hand rest area in front
of the keyboard is always quite warm. Actually, during winter up here in
Pennsylvania I appreciate the heat, but not during the summer.

I can't speak to any software issues, but I'm posting this to make you aware
of a serious problem HP has been having, seemingly with all of their laptops
that use the AMD processor. Two weeks ago today my machine started freezing.
The processor would simply stop. Nothing would get done. The clock in the
system tray was stopped. No hard drive activity at all. No response to the
keyboard. It started doing this about twice a day for a week and then
suddenly gave me a blank screen and refused to boot at all. No entry into
the BIOS. By researching on the internet (search for DV9000 under
www.techsupport.forum.com and also the www.hp.com website) I discovered HP
has had to repair many laptops that usually start out by showing a problem
with the WiFi chip getting "lost" to the OS. It appears that the nForce430
"Southbridge" chip that interfaces all of the peripherals to the system bus
runs too hot and has had a significant number of failures in the field. In
my case I called HP, they paid for shipping both ways, and replaced my
motherboard free of charge. Same NF430 chip is there, but it has some heat
sink paste around it and the repair slip said they replaced the fan, too. HP
has extended the standard warranty to two years *for this problem only*.

Just wanted you to be aware of this issue since many, many people have been
bitten by it.

Tim O

Re: HP Laptop Getting Hot

As TR said, HP is acknowleding there is a problem.  You should go ahead and
send your unit in because the mb is probably going to fail soon due to heat
stress.  These laptops run hot when they are running right but this goes
above and beyond.  HP released a bios update not too long ago that changes
the fan strategy and keeps it running at low speed all the time.  This has
dropped temps quite a bit on my machine without dropping battery run time by
a noticable amount.

Sending in your laptop is scary (backup the drive!) and a pain but I bet you
are dealing with a looming failure issue so you might as well take
preventative measures now.  If you have been having wirless issues or issues
with the screen, make sure to note those too.  Heat destroys connectors to
those too.  Get it all fixed.


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