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I have a Hp 5180US laptop that I have had for a few years and still works
great with the exception that the DC power jack is broken so it no longer
can be charged that way.  I have looked into it and it would be about $125
to fix it and I would have to ship it off so Im looking for a better
solution.  I do have a HP expansion base PR1010 that will let me charge it
so I can still use it.  At first I was going to sell it on Ebay but after no
bidders I thought I would try to find a workaround for the charging problem.
So I can charge it in the expansion base and remove it and it's good for
about an hour and a half but what im looking for is a charger that would
plug into into the wall and then plug into the exact same slot on the
computer that the cord on the expansion base plugs into to charge it   Thus
I would eliminate the bulky heavy expansion base.  It's hard for me to
explain this but it would look like a regular ac dc type notebook charger
but the cable that plugs into the laptop would be the size that fits the
expansion base slot on the notebook (looks almost like a parallel slot) and
not the dc power jack slot.  Is there any such animal or any way to make
one????  It would make my life easier.  Thanks for any help.


Re: HP Laptop Charging

Thomas typed on Fri, 11 Sep 2009 14:43:22 -0700:
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Hi Thomas. I seriously doubt they sell one of them all ready made up.
One probably has to figure out what pins supplies the power. Then to
find a connecter that will fit. I dunno, I think fixing the DC jack
itself would take far less time. If you know what I mean. Although I
like the way you think. <wink>

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Re: HP Laptop Charging

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Thanks for the reply Bill.  I thought it was a pretty creative idea myself!
I just sold the thing anyway but I may have kept it if I did not have too
pay for the DC Jack.


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