HP dv9000 suddenly died. Motherboard?

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I was working on the computer when it just died on me. Replaced the charger
with a spare. Still nothing. No sound from fans or hard drive. I removed the
battery and tried to turn it on using only the charger. Still nothing. The
charger connection to the laptop glows blue so I believe the charger is
doing it's job. The little lightening bolt icon between the "power on"
indicator light and HDD access light does blink 3 times when I try to power
on but nothing else happens. The computer always run cool so I don't think
heat was an issue.

Does the above symptoms sound like a mother board problem? I really like the
laptop and am hoping there is something I overlooked so I don't have to
replace the motherboard or laptop.

Re: HP dv9000 suddenly died. Motherboard?

On 12/26/2011 11:14 PM, Gary Helfert wrote:
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Just google up HP dv9000 and you find a missed deadline for recall.
There have been a lot of problems with HP Pavillion laptops od that
generation, usually traceable to the NVIDIA GPU in it.

Re: HP dv9000 suddenly died. Motherboard?

On 12/27/2011 2:32 AM, cameo wrote:
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  Usually if its the GPU, you will at least get a burst of activity for
second or two when you power on the system (fan on low, DVD will click),
followed by 4-6 seconds of silence, followed by a self-reset.  This
would continue in an endless loop unless you physically pull the battery
or force another hard shutdown by holding the power button.  Also, if
the GPU connection was lost, chances are your system would have simply
frozen, forcing you to do a hard shutdown.

  If it IS the GPU, it would have been caused by degradation of the
solder contacts.  You can sometimes bring your system back by taking the
heel of your hand and pressing rather hard (but not hard enough to break
anything, of course!) on the keyboard and then powering on (while
continuing to press down on the keyboard until you see your screen come
one).  On my system, when it acts up and I don't want to reflow, I press
down centered on the 'R' key.  If it doesn't work right away, I move
slightly to the right with the heel of my hand and try again.  Sometimes
it takes two or three attempts before I get just the right spot to push
down on the GPU.

  What happens if you remove your battery and run off the charger only?

  The triple flash of the power light is typically an indication of a
dead battery...

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