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I have a dv9000 HP laptop that has suddenly started to shut itself off
after it's been on for a while.  Last night, I was watching television
on it in my dorm when it suddenly shut down.  I believe this is heat
related and am not sure what to do about it.  The laptop is about 12
months old, has a Vista OS, sets squarely on the desk with nothing
under it (clothing, table clothes, etc).  It was on for a little over
an hour when this happened and it hasn't been all that hot here in the
PNW these past days so...  Anyone else have similar problems or know
what I might do about it?

thanks very much,


Re: HP dv9000 Notebook

jcage@lycos.com wrote in news:5f90b715-6447-4e10-af65-675b46cdf2f5

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You could test for hardware stability by running a Memtest+86 boot disk. If
you get any errors, then you'll know that you have a hardware problem.

You could also try installing something like Speedfan for Windows, which
will give you a good listing of your available temperature sensors. Once
installed, you could try running a few stress tests to see what kind of
temps are being generated.

Re: HP dv9000 Notebook

jcage@lycos.com wrote:

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Have you checked your fan compartment? It may be clogged with dust. On my HP
laptop (zd7000) there is a bottom panel for access to the compartment. My
laptop has never shut down when it's clogged, but I sure know it because the
fans will speed up much higher than normal.  

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