HP dv8040- how is it?

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Hi Still hesitating between this and Dell Inspiron 9300. Can someone here
enlighten me how good/bad is Pavilion? I know it got only 128 MB video, and
heard some complains about dark screen...
Thank You for any help

Re: HP dv8040- how is it?

I have the zd8010. Didn't know there was a "dv" version in the 8000
series now.

As far as my zd8010 I really love it. If this isn't the same line as
yours you can stop readding now....

Pros? Performance-wise the machine is the bomb since it is running a
hyper-threaded Pentium 4. It is easily as fast as a fast desktop I
built 12 months ago, even with the 8010's slow hard drive spec (5400RPM
I think). I do all of my gaming on this rig now (mostly World of
Warcraft) fine at almost max resolution. I added a Soundblaster Audigy
2 PCMCIA card for $99 bucks and run some high-end audio applications
just fine (Ableton Live, Reason 3, etc.) Actually ran em pretty well
before I even upgraded the card. The screen is absolutely beautiful. I
mean, the thing is freaking gorgeous. I alter the brightness all the
time depending on my location. In a dark room, I'll often set it low
because it is too bright. The keyboard is full-sized and feels really
great to the touch. Also, the keyboard contains a numeric 10-key pad
which is awesome.

Cons? The machine runs pretty hot. If you plan on sitting on the couch,
with it on your lap expect to start sweating after 30 min or so. Also,
it is big. I think mine weighs in well over over 10 pounds. Get a good
laptop tray also if you plan on sitting it on your lap. Battery life
sucks at just around 45 min to an hour. And after only about 60 days,
mine developed a string of dead pixels running from the top of the
machine to the bottom. Not really noticeable in most applications, but
disturbing nonetheless. I plan on getting that fixed with my 3-year
extended warranty at some point, but not right now.

Anyways,...Despite the drawbacks I am really happy with the machine.
Dell is a good brand as well, so you probably can't go wrong.

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