HP DV8000 series laptop - HELP! keyboard problems

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New to the group. Hi everybody.

Problem is that keyboard keys stick. Specially the space, shift and
numeric pad. Nephew swears he didn't spill anything on it, it's only my
suspicion; I certainly didn't. On any program running the cursor goes
back home and resists beeing moved from there, as welll as misterios
numbers appear while I am writing. So it usually takes me half an hour
to send an email (I am doing this in my job's desktop) The laptop still
has some warranty left, but I hate to send it when I know they are
going to erase everything and I don't gazillion cd's and the time to
back it up.

Question: Is there a manual that tells me how to remove the keyboard to
check what is happening? If spilled, to be able to clean it. If damaged
to send it back. Or are there other methods that I could use to fix
this problem? Customer service chat and phone with HP didn't fix
anything other than actualize all the firmware. Main issue would be, if
I open it, is the warranty void?

I will appreciate any and all responses.

Re: HP DV8000 series laptop - HELP! keyboard problems

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There is no fix for the keyboard and it is a problem with several
models HP has put out.  The majority of people with this problem have
been communicating with each other at:
http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=57325 .  If you look at
the top of the page you will see that the forum moderators have been
collecting data about the horrible keyboard situation with HP's
computers and HP's neglience and refusal to honor their customer's
warranties. HP is the worst company with the worst  customer service in
existence.  Appalling to read the 74 pages of posts from consumers who
bought these factory defective notebooks.  The adminstrators of
notebookreviewforum also published this article about the situation:
http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=3262 .  Don't bother
taking your computer apart, it cannot be fixed, external keyboard and
mouse are the only solution.  There is also a video on Utube about this
disaster.  The keyboard problems will get worse and worse until it is
impossible to type a complete sentence without missing keystrokes and
the caps locking.

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