HP DV3t fan goes beserk

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My dv3t has a weird fan issue.  When I tilt the PC or move it suddenly the  
fan comes on like gangbusters.  Doesn't sound like bad bearings, just  
running really, really, really fast.  I can stop it by hitting the top of  
the PC sometimes or by blowing into the exhaust vent, especially with  
compressed air.  I've got an estimate to take apart to clean the PC for $75.  
Does this symptom sound familiar to anyone.  Is it likely to need a new fan.

I've had the PC cleaned once before  It accumulates a lot of dust and a  
surprisingly small dust bunny in the fan stopped it completely and caused  
overheating and shut-down.  This time the PC is not running hot at all.

Any thoughts?  Thanks.  

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