hp dv1650ca Synaptics touchpad button not working

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I'm boggled by this one....

I have a 3 week old hp dv1650ca laptop.

The touchpad worked fine until yesterday.

After not using the touchpad for 1/2 a day, the left touchpad button
stopped working .

The 'tapping' option also stopped working.

I have updated the driver, bios, done a power drain, system restore,
talked to someone at hp who told me to do a complete system
recovery...I would really like to avoid this.

The strange thing is, when I change to a left handed configuration, the
'tapping' feature works and the physical right button works, but the
physical left button still doesn't work.

I cannot get virtual scrolling to work at all, though I wasn't using
that before anyways.

Between the time the button was last working, and when it stopped
working, I upgraded to directx 9, installed and played video games
using my usual usb mouse...I don't know how this would affect it, but
its all I can think of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: hp dv1650ca Synaptics touchpad button not working

Conanu wrote:
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There might be a piece of debris under the left button.  Try a can of
compressed gas "computer cleaner" to clean out under the button.  The
clearances are small, but it might work.  You might also try a driver
from the manufacturer's site (synaptics, etc.) rather than the
HP-supplied driver.  Sometimes the touchpad software must be running at
startup to enable some of the higher-level touchpad functions like
virtual scrolling.

Another thing to try is removing the touchpad driver in Device Manager,
then reboot to force a driver reinstallation.


Re: hp dv1650ca Synaptics touchpad button not working

Conanu wrote:
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Funny you mention this. I had a HP ZE4805, and the same thing happened.
The problem in my case is that they used a no-clean solder process on
the little board that holds the trackpad. There was flux residue inside
the tact switch. Cleaning that board with isopropyl alcohol fixed the

Of course I would not necessarily recommend you take apart a brand new
machine. In my case I can't stand the 2- to 3-week turnaround time on
repairs like this, so I said to hell with the warranty and fixed it

In summary: all brand-new computer equipment sucks, I will only buy
used equipment now.

Re: hp dv1650ca Synaptics touchpad button not working

zwsdotcom@gmail.com wrote:
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Thanks for the help guys, still no luck though....The worst part is
that no combination of settings in the synaptics device settings will
give me the functionality of both buttons without using an external
mouse, and I really can't afford to send the comp in for repair since I
use it for work. soooo...whats the easiest way to get under the touch
pad to clean underneath ( I know...probably a bad idea and I might not
do it anyways)??

Re: hp dv1650ca Synaptics touchpad button not working


I'm sure this is a hardware issue. I have the same problem with my
HP/Compaq NX9030 laptop. It seems that my left Touchpad button is
stuck in a 'depressed' (contact) state. That is the reason why the
'tapping' feature is also not working. An extra clue is that when I
move the mouse over the screen with the touchpad, Windows is in
'selection' mode. That confirms that the Touchpad driver detects that
the left mouse button is pressed. So either send your laptop back for
repair or try to release the micro switch yourself. The latter will
require you to dissasemble your laptop, which means that you should
really know what you're doing.

Good luck.

Re: hp dv1650ca Synaptics touchpad button not working

have u fixed your problem yet?

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