HP dv1000 or Sony S360

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I'm torn between the HP dv1000 and the Sony S360.  The former clearly
represents much better value, but the latter is such a sleek machine that it
makes the decision more difficult.  (Amongst other things, I'll be using one
or the other machines to exploit Dragon Naturally Speaking with a USB mike.)

Anybody here used either or both units for an extended period?  If so, your
thoughts would be much appreciated.

One concern I have about the dv1000 is noise coming from the hard-drive.
I'd be especially grateful for any thoughts or recommendations concerning
this potential problem, and how it might be circumvented.

Re: HP dv1000 or Sony S360

I bought a dv1000 for my daughter for college within the past 2 months.
 It was picked up by FedEx on Friday and sent back to HP for a complete
system/hardware troubleshoot.  The keyboard and trackpad froze up
intermittently and randomly.  It required a hard reboot (on-off
button)to get access to the computer again.  I did all the normal
troubleshooting (anti-virus, spy-bot and ad-aware, memtest, defrag,
checkdisk, etc) and HP support had me reinstall Windows.  I
specifically upgraded the memory to 512K to avoid overload by WinXP.

The dv1000 has really great features and appears to be a great value.
If HP fixes ours, I will say that it "is" a great value.  If they
can't, it might as well be a doorstop.  I'm rooting for HP.

I just wanted to put in my two cents.  I hope it helps.

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Re: HP dv1000 or Sony S360

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Had my DV1000 since the First of March and love it.  The hard drive is
certainly no nosier that any other, I have no problem at all with that.
 I did however get the 4200 rpm 60 MB drive. I'd suggest you go with a
faster drive for only $25 more.  And be SURE and go ahead and get the
remote control.  Its only $15 and apparently if you do not get it when
ordering the machine its impossible to get one after the fact.

Machine has been totally trouble free, no deal pixels, nothing. Just a
super product and I'm totally satisfied with it

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