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I just bought a HP ZT1180

It has a little problem: Start up the laptop and the power is there,
lights, CD etc. NO SCREEN....NOTHING AT ALL........

Not sure if its booting as its pretty quiet, although the fan comes on
then goes off after a few seconds. Its almost like the cd spins then
something tells the machine to stop running the boot process??

I plugged in an external monitor and NOTHING there either.

SO then I wait a couple hours and it works as if nothing as ever
happened! Screen is PERFECT

Tonight I have the same prob but screen is not working yet.......maybe
not waiting long enuff??LOL

So what is the problem......any ideas??

I have chekked:
Power cables and AC pack (all fine)
Battery seems dead......doesnt power up although it says 100%
Taken a look at the screen ribbon seems fine, not loose
Power button is ok
AC inlet seems ok, not loose
Made sure anything else wasnt loose etc etc

thanks and I would love any help ASAP thanks as this is an ebay issue

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