hp/compaq smartpin psu

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    I bought a used 19v 4.7a psu today that does not have any
voltage on the inner cylinder, and about 25mv on the smart pin.

Can somebody confirm for me that this psu should be showing
a voltage on the adapter connector before it is connected to
a laptop?

I will have to complain to the seller if it is not right.
The only other possibility is that the 25 mv is grounded by
the laptop to turn on the psu, but from googling I gathered
there should be a substantial voltage, perhaps 5v on the
smart pin for another reason than turning on the psu.

I imagine these things would have a fuse inside them.
I cant feel any screwhole depression under the sticker so I
guess it has to be split with a thin bladed instrument.

TIA for any help regarding this.

Ron M

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