HP compaq NX7000 ati problem

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have this notebook (great notebook) but have graphic problems
so ... i turn on
... xp ok but if i press stronger buttons on keyboard
my display get crazy. hp
work good if i quick relase butons.
if i stay strong HP block
I open it and find
graphic card. mobility radeon 9200.
Chech cable of lcd ...OK
Check conection
between mbo and card...OK
so it stay 4 ddr chips of main 9200M chip
i hot air
all 4 ddr memory chip but stay problem.
im fraid of hotairing main 9200 becaouse
i dint know structure of this
and if raster is on whole chip or only on outer
side of bottom.
I put HP on 24h test .... everything was OK
so .....need help
or where to buy other card.
better to repair
thanx in advance

Re: HP compaq NX7000 ati problem

Dr_Vitez wrote:
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eBay is likely your best choice for a used card, but you might as well
discuss this with HP service to see if they can supply a new board and
the price.  Repair is probably out of the question since the ATI
components will be difficult, if not impossible, to find.


Re: HP compaq NX7000 ati problem

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Look the model up on e-bay... you are likely to find something in there...


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